Expressions 2021

Join Little Orange Fish for our annual fundraising dinner on October 14th at Burritt on the Mountain with powerhouse entertainment from Victoria Jones and Little and the Giants.

We will also be introducing the Susan Redmon Memorial Art Exhibit where attendees have exclusive access to view and purchase the works of over 15 local artists.

It will be a night to remember
and you’ll be supporting a great cause!

This is an outdoor event (with indoor contingency) opening at 5:00pm, with the event beginning at 6:00pm

We firmly believe that a strong community is built of healthy individuals. So in order to have a fun and safe event, that connects our community while protecting your health we are providing the following ticket options:

Strong Community Builder $100 – Includes admission even if capacity limits are enforced, reserved seating, food and drink.

Strong Community Supporter $50 – Includes admission even if capacity limits are enforced.

*Healthy Community Supporter $30 – Includes admission if no capacity limit is enforced with a virtual access if we do have to enforce a limit on capacity.

Connected Community Supporter $15 – Virtual package which will include a live stream of the music performances as well as live virtual access to the Susan Redmon Memorial Art Exhibit and Auction.

Community Supporter $10 – Will provide a link to access a live stream of the music performances.

* At this time there is no indication that the capacity of the venue will be limited,  but with the uncertainty due to the pandemic we want to ensure a good balance between bringing the community together and keeping the community healthy.

In the case that state policies regarding the pandemic limit the capacity of the venue, the Healthy Community Supporter ticket will provide you safe virtual access to a live streaming of the musical performances and early access to view and purchase the artists’ works in the Susan Redmon Memorial Art Exhibit.

Proceeds will go to provide education and awareness programs that help grow, and connect our community to, the critical resources that support our health and wellbeing, and support the research and development being done by  the Inner Defense Initiative towards providing evidence based medical solutions to prevent, diagnose and treat PTSD.

Tickets for Expressions 2021

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Little Orange Fish is a 501(c)(3) organization
Your ticket purchases are tax deductible donations.
All donations are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

Little Orange Fish was founded to support the premise that every individual can benefit from and deserves access to quality mental health care.

The vision is that through research and education, better quality mental health care with a greater continuity of care can be made accessible to all. Realizing this vision will do much more than save lives by reducing acts of violence and self-harm. It will also greatly enhance the quality of life for the tens of millions in the US, and the hundreds of millions worldwide, who suffer in silence from a variety of emotional and mental health issues.

“A strong community starts with healthy individuals and good health starts with a healthy mind.”