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Good health starts with a healthy mind

Mental health is a vital and real component of overall health. Just as real as their physical health, a person’s mental and emotional health affects their life. Efforts to strengthen mental health will strengthen our lives and communities.

Our feelings are Real ™ t-shirts help bring funding and awareness to Little Orange Fish as we work to increase the public’s understanding of the value of mental health.

feelings are Real / Leather notebook

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This large journal has enough space for all your writings. Due to the refillable design in offers a lifetime service. Convenient in use, practical, durable and ultimately beautiful - Crazy Horse leather journal by olpr.

  • Extra Large (7.5x10 in / 19x25 cm)
  • Refill compatible with Moleskine Cahier notebooks
  • 2 colors - brown and black
  • 2 designs - large font and small font

*Notebooks are handmade and each one is expected to be different. There may be small imperfections due to shipping and handling.

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