Our Mission

Foster greater public understanding on the roles, value and current state of mental health care.

Bring greater visibility to available resources that support behavioral, emotional and mental health care needs.

Grow and strengthen the mental health care community and

Ensure immediate access to essential support and treatment.

Please join the conversation and be part of this vital effort.


Feeling Are Real – Expressions in Song

Little Orange Fish Presents: Feelings are Real – Expressions in Song, a fundraising evening to support the mental health education and awareness in North Alabama.

Featuring original music by top artists from North Alabama.

  • Josh Allison and The Corner Pocket
  • Winslow Davis Ensemble
  • Jim Parker
  • Alan Little
  • Ally Free

The secondary objective of the event is to promote the extraordinary local music and songwriting community and demonstrate the power of song to communicate the message that:

“A strong community starts with healthy individuals and good health starts with a healthy mind.”

October 14, 2017 from 6pm-10pm at the Tangled String Studios

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