Community Commitment to Personalized Medicine

In October of 2019, Little Orange Fish kicked off the Inner Defense Initiative.  We assembled a team of scientists, information technologists, and mental health professionals, with doctors Joe Ng and Eric Seemann leading this effort to build on their previous research. Describing the linkage between psychological trauma and the immune system, our inner defense, is the objective of this initiative. We aim to elucidate the biology of psychological trauma, to provide an understanding of key aspects of the physiology that determines how individuals process and respond to trauma.   This research will provide a foundation for a personalized approach to better self-understanding, medical diagnosis, and treatments for PTSD.
This effort, from its conception, was designed as a citizen science project. That is to say, the participation of individuals and organizations of our greater community in the development and execution of the research is crucial.
When we announced the initiative at the fundraising event last year Yorktown Systems immediately and enthusiastically got on board.

Learn more about how you can participate in and support the  Inner Defense Initiative.