Little Orange Fish Thank You

Year-end update

Dear Little Orange Fish Supporter,

Thank you for continuing to steer the critical conversation about mental health and the dire need for greater understanding of, and access to effective mental healthcare for EVERYONE. 2014 has seen considerable progress in terms of an increased awareness and public dialogue around these areas.

While this is encouraging, this dialogue has often been driven by reaction to tragic events where mental illness is placed at the center of blame. This has two unfortunate consequences. First, this reinforces stigma to a certain extent by suggesting that those with mental illness are prone to acts of violence. While it is true that mental illness may play a role in some or even many cases of violence or suicide, it is not based in good science that those with mental illness are prone to violence. Second, this almost singular focus on mental health as being important only to prevent suicide or violent acts, is at best a distraction from addressing the needs of the great many more who never consider hurting themselves or anyone else but rather suffer in silence. Worse though, this may instill the mindset that the only way to get treatment is for the sufferer to be in a state of crisis.

This is not acceptable and Little Orange Fish is committed to making mental health a core element of our health care system so we can all have unhindered access to quality mental health care and feel comfortable in seeking help when we need it.

Please consider making a donation – Little Orange Fish is a 501 c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to support our ongoing projects.

A large part of the donations made in 2014 went to support our partnership program with Wellstone Behavioral Health Center ( where we provide Mental Health First Aid training to those in Madison County Alabama at no cost to the participants. We are working to expand this program to offer this same opportunity to other areas in North Alabama. We are also building our “Feelings are Real” outreach program that has roots all over Alabama and in several other states to provide activity based education and training to middle and high school students. While we will continue to to seek foundation funding, and state and federal government grants, your support remains the most essential for sharing the message that “Good health starts with a healthy mind”.

Warm regards,
Daniel Adamek, PhD
Executive Director
Little Orange Fish