Mental health care is EVERYONE’S concern.

Little Orange Fish was founded to support the premise that every individual can benefit from and deserves access to quality mental health care.

The vision is that through research and education, better quality mental health care with a greater continuity of care can be made accessible to all. Realizing this vision will do much more than save lives by reducing acts of violence and self harm. It will also greatly enhance the quality of life for the tens of millions in the US, and the hundreds of millions world wide, who suffer in silence from a variety of emotional and mental health issues.

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Little Orange Fish Thank You

Year-end update

Dear Little Orange Fish Supporter,

Thank you for continuing to steer the critical conversation about mental health and the dire need for greater understanding of, and access to effective mental healthcare for EVERYONE. 2014 has seen considerable progress in terms of an increased awareness and public dialogue around these areas.
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Shedding light on a dark day

Recounting the days and events that led to his son’s suicide, Daniel Adamek sat down with’s Crystal Bonvillian on the one-year anniversary of the day his son Christian hanged himself in the family’s garage.
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Students create and donate depression awareness video

Sparkman High School students’ video raises awareness about depression

Created by students at Sparkman High School, this video is a great example of the community looking inward to examine mental health then taking action. The proejct was conceived, directed, filmed and edited entirely by students. The video examines depression and aims to reduce the misconceptions and stigma related to depression, and to promote the mental health and wellness of students.
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A moving performance of Michelle Malone’s ‘Home’

Acustic-Winter-CoverSee and feel the message and meaning of Michelle Malone’s “Home,” written for and dedicated to Little Orange Fish on Michelle’s latest album, “Acoustic Winter.” In the liner notes of the albumn Malone writes, “No matter what problems you’re struggling with, hurting yourself isn’t the answer.”
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